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Introduction of Random Movie Tools Online - Suggest Me a Movie

Let’s admit it, we WATCH movies all the time and there are indeed many good movies are worth to see sometimes, but you still stay up all night scrolling just trying to find the perfect movie to watch or afraid your movie choice won’t be that good when friends are around? In need of a spontaneous/random movie ideas? Fret not cause now with our Random Movie Tools Online, PickRandom.com is here to help you solve this problem by the use of our movie names generator.

With over 1000 top IMDB watchlist movies in the database, now you can sit back, relax, click the button then enjoy our movie suggestions. This tool generates a maximum to 20 movies randomly each time, not only that, it also provided you with all the information you need: see the release time /ratings/runtime/summary of each movie right on the side.

Easy to use, this a great tool for you to find good movies in all genres.


  • Enter values in the “Number of Movies” box
  • Click “Generate Random Movies” and get the result

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